Competitiveness and Innovation

IntelliJam: a fast ride through the past and future of corporate intelligence

24 Nov 2010  

I speak often with Eric Garland, a leading futurist, thinker, and blogger.  We typically have a free-ranging and—to us, at least—entertaining and enlightening conversation. This time he recorded it.  Here are some of the notes we hit: Businesses have always wanted and needed to know about each other’s activities.  Until the 20th century, this was […]

Analytics and Forecasting

Seven lessons from the KVC

24 Sep 2010  

I recently managed to get the Knowledge Value Chain® boiled down to an eight-minute introductory video—then had a couple of people comment that it should ideally be half that length!  So here, for you the time-challenged, the short-attention-spanned, and the just plain busy, are the key things that—if I had two minutes with you in […]

Competitiveness and Innovation

iPad math: a consumer looks at value

2 Sep 2010  

In a recent post Surfing the value waves I mentioned having purchased an iPad. Here’s the value calculation that drove me to buy it.  Of course it’s cool and fun—but does it make economic sense? It first occurred to me in discussions with my wife—who wants a big, flat, thin TV like all our friends […]

Security and Privacy

You can call me “Don”

23 Aug 2010  

One recent Tuesday (June 29th) first thing I got a very excited e-mail from my marketing colleague and friend Professor Plum.  “Did you see the thing in the [NY] Times about the Russian spies who were arrested?”  (Indeed, I had read it earlier with great interest.)  “I know one of those guys, Don Heathfield…he works […]

Competitiveness and Innovation

Surfing the value waves

30 Jul 2010  

Picture in your mind your organization’s typical customer or client.  Now picture the moment that customer purchases your product (or service).  Each transaction with that customer is preceded by some calculation—whether rigorous or informal— that your product is “worth it” compared to alternative solutions.  This worth-it-ness is called your product’s value proposition. The sum of […]

Competitiveness and Innovation

Value demystified

20 Apr 2010  

We’re obviously proud of our KVC model.   We think it helps explain a lot of the mystery surrounding “how to compete in the knowledge economy.” But the KVC is more than just a theoretical framework.  At TKA, we use it every week as a tool to solve live client problems.  In our offices, we have […]

Security and Privacy

Counterfeits: the golden age

4 Mar 2010  

Recently I met with a team of senior research scientists from a major US corporation.  Known for its innovativeness, its products are used by most of us. I thanked them for their creativity, perseverance, and hard work.  Then I told them the bad news (which was actually why I’d been invited)…that other people had figured […]

Knowledge Strategy

The knowledge archipelago

6 Feb 2010  

We’re living amidst a paradox in our relationship to information.  A recent University of California study finds that the average American consumes information for nearly 12 hours a day, sucking down about 34 gigabytes during that time.  Yet, we are continually surprised by stock market crashes, assets bubbles…and who knows what next? We suffer from […]

Knowledge Strategy

Competing in the knowledge economy

3 Jan 2010  

Happy New Year!  Loyal readers will notice the new look, feel, and features of this site.  I want to acknowledge the talents and hard work of our developer, Tyler Gore, in making this all happen. We’re also re-positioned the site.  It started life as a commercial site for the Knowledge Value Chain® and related activities.  […]

Analytics and Forecasting

Signal to noise

10 Nov 2009  

Why doesn’t early warning work?  While it’s a good idea in theory, in practice it seldom seems to have its intended effect.  In every major intelligence failure I’ve looked at, there were clear, credible early signals — and even explicit warnings—that tragically remained unheeded.  Why is this, and what can we do about it? For […]

Analytics and Forecasting

Tick or trend?

30 Sep 2009  

It’s not the latest Halloween ritual (sorry, couldn’t resist), but rather the basic choice every investor, corporate executive, analyst must make in forecasting what’s most likely to come next. If you had been paying attention in March, you could have made 48.2% since then on your investment in the DJIA index.  If you did, congratulations—but […]

Analytics and Forecasting

The two kinds of information

14 Aug 2009  

When asked to name his favorite kind of music, pioneering jazz musician Louis Armstrong is said to have replied, ”There are only two kinds of music, good and bad.  I like good music.” You could say the same about information—there are fundamentally only two kinds, good and bad. According to one definition (“Intelligence:  An Economic […]