Knowledge Strategy

The four roles of intelligence

14 Sep 2008  

Here’s an excerpt from my chapter in the new book Starting a CI Function (SCIP 2008.) In each organization, the specific mission for intelligence, and the intelligence plan that supports that mission, will vary.  However, a set of “information deficiencies” that is strikingly similar across many organizations, across all industries, remains.  These include: There is […]

Knowledge Strategy

Workbook 3.2 now shipping

15 Jul 2008  

It’s here—the shiny (really!) new version 3.2 Knowledge Value Chain Workbook.  Our thanks to the TKA team and partners who made this happen.  Workbook designer John (“The Great”) Fantini and printer Craig (“On-Time”) Pace of Spectragraphic Inc. did yeoman service in getting this edition ready.  Mike (“Pool Boy”) Powell made extensive editorial comments, as did […]

Analytics and Forecasting

TKA clinic helps developers sharpen financial focus

7 May 2008  

Financial Intelligence Requires a Deeper Look   New York, NY – Arising Group, Inc. recently completed intensive exercises in financial analysis with Tim Powell of The Knowledge Agency® (TKA). George Karshner, Executive Vice President at Arising Group, said that understanding the financial fitness of a company is essential to proper due diligence.  “Companies targeted for […]

Knowledge Strategy

Knowledge management ground zero

6 Feb 2008  

We recently had to deal directly with a Very Large Phone Company, on whom most of the businesses in my Manhattan neighborhood ultimately rely for both their telephone and Internet connections.  In the process of getting a new phone system installed after our recent office move, my staff and I witnessed some of the most […]

Knowledge Strategy

The digital half-life

6 Feb 2008  

I had an experience recently that reminded me how fragile the Knowledge Value Chain really is.  A client had asked for information on the quality of intelligence, a topic that I’ve addressed in many talks over the years.  I looked through dozens of PowerPoint slide shows from these talks, and was printing the slides that […]

Metrics and Measurement

TKA launches financial clinic

11 Jan 2008  

January 11, 2008, NEW YORK—The Knowledge Agency announced today that the new clinic Financial Intelligence:  A Value-Based ApproachTM is completed, and has now successfully completed field-testing at a major corporation.  “I’ve tried to put into a bottle those must-know things about using financial analysis to discover your rivals’ strategies,” says clinic developer and leader Tim Powell.  “These are skills I’ve […]

Competitiveness and Innovation

“The limits of intelligence”

9 Jan 2008  

The Wall Street Journal recently (December 10, 2007) ran an op-ed article by two former members of the House Intelligence Committee (Peter Hoekstra, R-MI and Jane Harman, D-CA) under the title “The Limits of Intelligence”.  The article was written in reaction to the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate that claimed that Iran has suspended its nuclear […]

Competitiveness and Innovation

Two vignettes

17 Dec 2007  

To illustrate the principles of value creation, consider these two hypothetical vignettes from everyday life. Vignette 1 – A Visit to the Doctor You pay a non-routine visit to your doctor.  The doctor’s first question is, “What kind of pills would you like today?” Your reaction?  You’re shocked at the incompetence, and look for another doctor.  […]

Knowledge Strategy

CORRECTIONS to the KVC Workbook (Version 3.1)

3 Nov 2007  

Sharp readers of the KVC Workbook (Version 3.1) have spotted several typos: Page 3, right column, 1st paragraph – change “necessary” to “necessarily” Page 5, 1st line – change “rather” to “father” Page 5, right column, 2nd paragraph – after “more”, insert “than” Page 6, right column, 3rd paragraph, 6th line – change “the” to “to” […]

Knowledge Strategy

TKA in new offices

3 Nov 2007  

The Knowledge Agency has moved!  After a successful five-year run on Fifth Avenue, we’ve moved west to the Hudson River waterfront. Effective November 1, 2007, TKA’s  address is: The Knowledge Agency® 548 West 28th Street New York, NY 10001, USA That’s in the Hudson Yards area the New York Times recently profiled as one of the fastest-developing […]

Knowledge Strategy

KVC Workbook available

6 Sep 2007  

September 6, 2007, NEW YORK—The Knowledge Agency® (TKA) today announced the availability of The Knowledge Value Chain® (KVC) Workbook, Version 3.1.  “This marks the first time we’ve made our workbook available separately from our clinics and workshops,” said Tim Powell, TKA Managing Director and developer of the KVC model.  “In order to get the full […]

Knowledge Strategy

KVC Clinic available

4 Sep 2007  

September 4, 2007, NEW YORK—The Knowledge Agency® (TKA) today announced the availability of The Knowledge Value Chain® (KVC) ClinicTM, version 3.1.  TKA Managing Director Tim Powell said, “The KVC Clinic gives us the chance to work directly with companies to bring the benefits of the KVC model into companies to solve their intelligence and knowledge […]