Knowledge Value Chain®

Your enterprise — business, government agency, NGO, even your family or household — has, as its ultimate purpose, producing value — results, outcomes, and impact in some specific form, for example:

  • Profits and shareholder returns – if you are a business
  • Patient health and outcomes – if you are a medical provider
  • A better world, in some specific way – if you are a social enterprise or NGO
  • Satisfied customers and clients – in all cases
  • Productive and fulfilled employees – in all cases

In order to achieve that purpose, and all the goals that support it, you take actions that are based on group decisions.  The best decisions — those that produce optimal outcomes — are typically those that are based on the best knowledge (i.e., the most timely, most accurate, most relevant, etc.)

In short, there are direct linkages between (1) how your organization produces value and (2) how it acquires and processes knowledge — that is, how it “thinks”.  The KVC framework describes these linkages.

Who benefits most from the KVC?

The KVC can help anyone—in any industry—who produces, manages, or uses information to help organizations achieve their strategic and tactical goals. The greatest benefits are typically experienced in:

  • Business strategy
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Corporate library
  • Information technology
  • Knowledge management
  • Market research
  • Research and development
  • Senior management

How can I learn more?

Three easy steps will take you there:

  1. Start by watching this short intro video.
  2. Then buy the KVC Handbook listed on the front page.
  3. Then contact us and we’ll tell you more.

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