Knowledge Strategy

Drivin’ That TRAN(E) – What Drives Data Value?

15 Jul 2014  

The opportunities revealed by the Knowledge Value Chain derive mainly from taking data, enriching it, and applying it to support decision making in more innovative and value-enhancing ways. But are there inherent characteristics of certain data that make it more valuable than other data? Absolutely. Five factors come to mind as distinguishing one set of […]

Security and Privacy

“Knowledge” is a National Security Issue

26 Jun 2014  

The headline in today’s Wall Street Journal caught my attention:  “Bringing Jobs Back to the U.S. Is Bruising Task.” The article describes the Reshoring Initiative, a nonprofit group that helps companies return production to the US. 80% of these companies are relatively small, with revenues of $200 million or less. The article describes that a key […]

Knowledge Strategy

Strategic Knowledge – What’s New is Old

13 May 2014  

I take pride in bringing the latest techniques and insights to my clients.  But it turns out the origins of what I do go back at least 2500 years.  I discovered this while reading Lawrence Freedman’s new sprawling history of all manners of strategy, called (fittingly) Strategy:  A History. Professor Freedman traces the modern use […]

Knowledge Strategy

KVC Handbook 4.0 Launches

17 Mar 2014  

We’re pleased to announce the publication of the latest Version (4.0) of our Knowledge Value Chain Handbook.  Here’s an excerpt (with added emphasis) from the Introduction. Knowledge is a fundamental resource of our economic lives. If you were going to enter the business of, say, manufacturing airplanes, you would want to hire people with substantial […]

Competitiveness and Innovation

Up Close and Personal: Our $2.7 Trillion Cottage Industry

17 Feb 2014  

I recently had the experience of intensively studying an industry as a consultant — then subsequently (and unrelatedly) becoming a client of that industry. The industry, as you probably have guessed, is health care.  There are things you learn when you are a patient that you never see when you’re not. (I’ve heard doctors report […]

Competitiveness and Innovation

Calibrating Your Value Model

13 Jan 2014  

The holiday break provides us an ideal time to calibrate and refocus our efforts and build for the year ahead.  Given the dynamic nature of the business environment, I recommend you consider these two simple questions:  If I were starting my enterprise today, what would I be doing different from what I am doing now?  […]

Competitiveness and Innovation

The Pharmaceutical Innovation Crisis

31 Dec 2013  

I used to read a lot of management books.  Or rather, buy a lot of them, then take a quick look — and promise myself to get around to reading them someday.  When (and if) I finally did, I’d often find the information dated and the advice stale. Not so with most of Peter Drucker’s […]

Metrics and Measurement

The Moneyball Lessons

22 Nov 2013  

I love numbers. I first realized this around the age of ten, when I started collecting baseball cards pretty seriously.  On the back of each card was a bunch of numbers, each player’s ‘stats’, important metrics of how well he played.  Hits, batting average, runs batted in (RBIs), runs scored, and so on. It later […]

Metrics and Measurement

Metrics That Matter

22 Oct 2013  

I had the great pleasure recently to address the students in Guy St. Clair’s class (K4301) at Columbia University’s Information and Knowledge Strategies (IKNS) program.  These are tomorrow’s leaders in developing and managing knowledge-based strategies. My most challenging question Of course I told them about the Knowledge Value Chain, and was gratified by their positive […]

Analytics and Forecasting

75 Things About a Candle

14 Sep 2013  

Each year when back-to-school bells ring, I recall some of the key lessons I learned there.  Some of the best had little to do with course content—and a lot to do with the process of gaining knowledge.  My first day of high school chemistry, for example, had little to do with chemistry — but provided […]

Organization and Management

Knowledge is Power — NOT!

12 Aug 2013  

Knowledge is power. All of us know this slogan.  Those of us in the knowledge professions use it when needed as a banner of professional pride and aspiration. It sounds reassuring, and probably had major validity when Francis Bacon coined it nearly 400 years ago during the Enlightenment. The problem is — it simply is not […]

Competitiveness and Innovation

Competition: the Wonder Drug for Health Care

12 Jul 2013  

One broad goal for US health care that most of us can agree on is the need to rationalize and reduce overall costs. As a society, we can meet this goal — but only if we ensure that the health care industry remains competitive in each of its component sectors. Competition update Unfortunately, in key sectors this goal […]