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KVC Workbook available

6 Sep 2007  

September 6, 2007, NEW YORK—The Knowledge Agency® (TKA) today announced the availability of The Knowledge Value Chain® (KVC) Workbook, Version 3.1.  “This marks the first time we’ve made our workbook available separately from our clinics and workshops,” said Tim Powell, TKA Managing Director and developer of the KVC model.  “In order to get the full benefits of the KVC, you need to participate in a KVC Clinic or public workshop.  However, the Workbook itself provides a good deal of value, and you can use it to begin to implement some of the KVC principles yourself.”

First introduced in 1996, the KVC model has been taught in universities, business clinics, and workshops worldwide since that time.  Version 3.1 introduces the KVC ScorecardTM, a self-scoring evaluation system for the effectiveness of intelligence and knowledge processes and products.

The KVC Workbook is available only directly from TKA.  For a limited time, we are offering introductory pricing of US$100 plus shipping.  To reserve your copy, use the “Contact” button at the top of the page.  We’ll contact you back to complete the order.  We accept American Express and bank wires.

Also announced was an upgrade path for owners of earlier versions of the workbook.  Version 3.0 owners may upgrade to Version 3.1 for US$65.  Owners of earlier versions should contact TKA for pricing on those upgrades.

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  1. Patric Hale says:

    Dear Tim,

    I’m looking forward to receiving a copy. Also send a copy to the Editor of Harvard Business Review offering to do a precis article in a future issue of HBR. He’s very much into the knowledge management business since before HBR, and would be a good opportunity for you. All the best.

    Kind regards,
    Patric Hale
    Capital Markets LLC
    6 Robertson Lane #7
    Cos Cob, CT 06807

  2. Rachel Gouin says:

    Would like to purchase. Am on Webinar right now with T. Powell.
    I have an event on 11-9-07 on just this topic and would like to be able to ascribe credit to this work and possibly even purchase and distribute to the up to 100 attendees (all knowledge workers and decision makers within our various business units).
    Kind regards,
    Mobile: 404-861-7106

  3. Hello Tim,

    I finished your book, “The Knowledge Value Chain Workbook.” Great job!

    A few thoughts…

    In the same way you admire Sherman Kent’s opening – “Intelligence is knowledge”, I suggest the first sentence of your workbook also state the theme (above the section title “The factory”) and say something like:

    “The science of corporate intelligence development starts with KVCs.”

    Although your book is the first business book I couldn’t put down since (all of) Michael E. Porter’s books, I do admit (sorry) that I was slightly disappointed, even though the book has a fabulous beginning, interesting and practical advice throughout, and is sprinkled with fabulous stories. Based on the great concept you are developing, I was looking for the substance (the scientific method for KVCs) that I hope will be in version two. Specifically, I was expecting to see industry-specific value chains for sample business units (which could then be linked into a corporate “macro view” for all corporate KVCs, creating a corporate-wide KVC mapping).

    Then I was going to shock you in how easy it would be to add that industry-specific data model knowledge to the Global Industry Dashboard [TM]. Presto – you / we would have (at least an initial) corporate intelligence framework. eCompetitors Inc can do this automatically because we can add “generic” + “industry specific” anything – including industry specific KVCs.

    In summary, great book! – And I really look forward to version two or an appendix for: “Examples of industry specific KVCs”. For example:
     “A Sample Macro-View of KVCs for Business Unit: New Headache Medication Development.”
     “A Sample Macro-View of KVCs for Business Unit: Foreign Exchange Trading Services.”
     “A Sample Macro-View of KVCs for Business Unit: Commercial Auto Insurance.”
     “A Sample Macro-View of KVCs for Business Unit: Competitive Intelligence Consulting Services.”
    Like everything else we’ve done at in leveraging the ideas of Michael Porter in analyzing 10,000 industries – after doing about twenty examples – patterns quickly emerge for what is “generic” and what is industry specific.

    Alan S. Michaels, co-founder

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