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Knowledge Leadership

19 Sep 2014  

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the class of incoming students at Columbia’s Information and Knowledge Strategy program and conducting an introductory learning session with them in tandem with Kate Pugh, the program’s academic director. Take it from the top This master’s degree program is designed in an ingenious way.  Unlike many programs in […]

Knowledge Strategy

Knowledge Strategy Simplified

25 Aug 2014  

I’ve been preparing to help Guy St. Clair teach his course Management and Leadership in the Knowledge Domain. This is part of Columbia University’s exciting new master’s degree program in Information and Knowledge Strategy, which I am pleased and honored to be part of. This for me is a perfect opportunity to link my ideas […]

Knowledge Strategy

Drivin’ That TRAN(E) – What Drives Data Value?

15 Jul 2014  

The opportunities revealed by the Knowledge Value Chain derive mainly from taking data, enriching it, and applying it to support decision making in more innovative and value-enhancing ways. But are there inherent characteristics of certain data that make it more valuable than other data? Absolutely. Five factors come to mind as distinguishing one set of […]

Knowledge Strategy

Strategic Knowledge – What’s New is Old

13 May 2014  

I take pride in bringing the latest techniques and insights to my clients.  But it turns out the origins of what I do go back at least 2500 years.  I discovered this while reading Lawrence Freedman’s new sprawling history of all manners of strategy, called (fittingly) Strategy:  A History. Professor Freedman traces the modern use […]

Knowledge Strategy

KVC Handbook 4.0 Launches

17 Mar 2014  

We’re pleased to announce the publication of the latest Version (4.0) of our Knowledge Value Chain Handbook.  Here’s an excerpt (with added emphasis) from the Introduction. Knowledge is a fundamental resource of our economic lives. If you were going to enter the business of, say, manufacturing airplanes, you would want to hire people with substantial […]

Knowledge Strategy

Making Intelligence Relevant

22 May 2012  

I recently found a whitepaper the name of which startled me:  “Fixing Intel:  A Blueprint for Making Intelligence Relevant in Afghanistan”.  Startling in the frankness of its analysis, startling in the clarity of the remedies it calls for, and most of all startling in its applicability to my own field of business research and analytics. […]

Knowledge Strategy

Information Overload: An Urban Myth?

12 Jul 2011  

I just listened to a fascinating webinar in which five authors recounted their experiences, both personal and professional, with information overload.  One of the speakers, Jonathan Spira, reports that he has measured this phenomenon, and that it costs the US economy over $1 trillion per year! Shifting the blame But in naming the phenomenon ‘information […]

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Rebalance Your Knowledge Portfolio

13 Jun 2011  

If you have any experience with investing, you know about rebalancing your portfolio.  Every so often—at the end of every year, say—you need to reassess your investments.  Some may have grown, such that you’re too heavily invested in a particular stock or sector in the economy.  In other areas, you may find that you have […]

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The knowledge archipelago

6 Feb 2010  

We’re living amidst a paradox in our relationship to information.  A recent University of California study finds that the average American consumes information for nearly 12 hours a day, sucking down about 34 gigabytes during that time.  Yet, we are continually surprised by stock market crashes, assets bubbles…and who knows what next? We suffer from […]

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Competing in the knowledge economy

3 Jan 2010  

Happy New Year!  Loyal readers will notice the new look, feel, and features of this site.  I want to acknowledge the talents and hard work of our developer, Tyler Gore, in making this all happen. We’re also re-positioned the site.  It started life as a commercial site for the Knowledge Value Chain® and related activities.  […]

Knowledge Strategy

A call too late

14 Sep 2008  

It was a weekday afternoon in the fall of 2007.  Though sitting at my desk, I was speaking “virtually” with about a hundred other people around the world who share my interest in corporate intelligence.  Specifically, I was midway through giving a live webinar (hosted by Aurora) on the Knowledge Value Chain®. A chat message […]

Knowledge Strategy

The four roles of intelligence

14 Sep 2008  

Here’s an excerpt from my chapter in the new book Starting a CI Function (SCIP 2008.) In each organization, the specific mission for intelligence, and the intelligence plan that supports that mission, will vary.  However, a set of “information deficiencies” that is strikingly similar across many organizations, across all industries, remains.  These include: There is […]